Detoxing Your Makeup Bag

One of my foremost complaints about my industry is the lack of oversight by the FDA. The laws and regulations are just short of non-existent. After learning what I had about the lack of oversight in cosmetics, I was compelled to turn my makeup bag upside down over the garbage can. I instantly got this knot in my stomach at the thought of how much money I would be throwing away. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, nor could my bank account. I wouldn’t replace everything at once but I was, however, running low on concealer.

And so it started, one product at a time, I replaced my entire routine. I asked (and still ask) the same questions I get so often from others “That’s great that it’s non-toxic but does it work?” Honestly, I’ve been shocked at how well, if not even better, a lot of non-toxic products work! But yes, some things are not yet, or maybe never will be able to pull off what their chemical laden counterparts can. Personally I’m okay with the compromise but let’s say you shed a tear at the very thought of Miley and Liam breaking up again, then maybe you should hold on to your conventional waterproof mascara.

I’ve always had a hard time trusting suggestive articles because I don’t know what alternative motives they may have (the irony is not lost on me here). Almost all of the best products I have in my collection came as a suggestion from a sales clerk. As much online shopping as I do, I will take the time, go out of my way, to stop into a store to ask a clerk “What do you suggest?” They know their products, they hear the raves and the laments, they try the products themselves and can tell quality from hype. Trust your local clean beauty store sales clerk!

On that note, I really hope you have a local clean beauty store! Clean beauty stores make detoxifying your makeup bag a breeze. It’s like Whole Foods and Sephora had a baby. Each clean beauty store has their own set of standards that they share readily (at least the genuine ones do), this will help you understand their interpretation of “Clean Beauty” It also saves you the trouble of using your phone to decipher a label in-store, while a sales clerk awkwardly stares at you.

“Can I help you?”

“Yeah, what is Ethylhexylglycerin?”

Here are the clean beauty stores that aline with my personal standards. Most have brick and mortar locations as well as online stores:

“We live for discovering the best, cleanest indie and luxury brands around,
and carry the largest collection of safe, non-toxic beauty products.”
“We’re shifting the mindsets — and building a community of
activists who want a better kind of beauty.”
The Detox Market
“We’ve been obsessively curating the best of green beauty, combing through thousands
of products so you can feel safe and confident in your choices.”
Ayla Beauty
“We deliver the most well-informed, personalized guidance — turning the
simple search for a product into an enlightening journey.”
Bella Verite (online only)
“We provide a better way to be beautiful from the inside out,
thanks to our elite list of natural and organic brands”

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