Outlying Influence : Wedding Hair

Outlying Influence

           “Originality is the art of concealing your source.”
                                                                                  -C. E. M. Joad

An important step in defining your personal style is to find inspiration from outside modern media. It can give an original influence to your overall style. Adding nuance and character to your look. Let’s take a stroll through some reference material.

Wedding Hair

My days of doing wedding hair are behind me but one thing that always struck me was how often brides would conform to a cliché bridal look that had nothing to do with their personal style. I’ve collected some photos of brides who stayed true to themselves, to show how originality can leave a lasting impression.
Liz Taylor & Richard Burton – 1964
Kelly Preston & John Travolta – 1991
Ginger Rogers in “It Had to Be You” – 1947
Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg – 1969
Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman – 1958
Farrah Fawcett & Lee Majors – 1973
Carly Simon & James Taylor – 1972
Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown – 1992
Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart – 1945
Carolyn Bessette & John F. Kennedy Jr. – 1996
Mia Farrow & Frank Sinatra – 1966


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